Rick Hawley of Oregon Explains How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way Houses Are Shown to Clients

Rick Hawley Oregon

August 21, 2021

Rick Hawley Oregon (3)

Rick Hawley, a real estate agent, has seen firsthand how COVID-19 has changed the real estate market. One of the most prominent changes is the way that houses are shown to clients. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, some people were hesitant to letter strangers in to see their homes for sale, while homebuyers were hesitant about going into house after house. Here are a few of the key ways that COVID-19 has changed the way that houses are shown.


Rick Hawley of Oregon Says That More Houses Are Shown Virtually

Rick Hawley says that one of the biggest changes thanks to COVID-19 is the way houses are seen. More real estate agents than ever before are virtually showing houses. This means that they are putting up a walk-through of the home on their website, so people who are interested in viewing the home can virtually walk through it. This helps to minimize foot traffic, as only those who are truly interested in the home will want to tour it in person after seeing a video.


Rick Hawley of Oregon Explains That Open Houses Are Not Common At This Time

Rick Hawley says another major real estate change that we are seeing is related to open houses. Before the pandemic, open houses were common ways for homes to be shown. People would come in and out of the home all day. This is not happening in most parts of the country due to the pandemic. Real estate agents are much more selective about who they let into a home, and no longer have an open-door policy.

Rick Hawley of Oregon Describes the Screening Process That May Take Place Before Someone Can Enter a Home

Rick Hawley details that the final change related to the pandemic is that many homeowners are asking real estate agents to screen clients before they enter the home. First, they may only want those who are qualified to purchase to enter the home. Second, they may have a checklist asking if a potential viewer has had a cold recently, has a fever or is experiencing any symptoms related to the Coronavirus. Real estate agents never had to ask these questions before, but now they do before bringing their clients to see a home.


Rick Hawley of Oregon says that the way that houses are shown to clients has drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Houses are more commonly shown virtually, open houses are becoming obsolete, and real estate agents are responsible for screening clients and ensuring that no one is sick prior to entering a home. If you are looking to purchase a home or sell a home, but are hesitant because of the pandemic, reach out to a real estate agent today to learn what steps they can take to keep you safe.